NORDTRANS THERMO has been undergoing a rapid development since 2005 and now is one of the largest Polish logistic operator specialized in the temperature-controlled transport between Poland and Scandinavia. The company’s activity focuses on transport and distribution of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and many other processed and perishable products. Nordtrans main activity is transport and distribution of fresh salmon from Norway to Poland, we hold 40% of this market. We offer full load and part load freight of fresh or frozen products and combination of fresh and frozen goods. We provide mostly just-in-time deliveries, which are made at the highest level. We choose the most appropriate means of transport due to proper control of temperature on the entire transport chain. We also give full 24 hour information to the client concerning the status of delivery. A high level of services is possible due to the experience of operators, subcontractors and cooperatives who we choose on the basis of only long-term agreements for cooperation.

Experience of drivers and appropriate car equipment (according to geographical conditions and traffic rules of a country) is crucial for full year-long service in Norway. NORDTRANS THERMO offer full delivery services between Poland and Sweden, Denmark, Norway or other EU countries. At the time being we provide 2 500 orders for clients and transport about 50 000 tons of goods. Many years of experience on the Scandinavian market, flexible strategy of organization and high specialization in cargo distribution in controlled temperatures enables quick doubling of the traffic efficiency adequately for increasing requirements of our future and present clients.